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Iowa State Researchers Feed Pigs, Chickens High-Protein Fungus Grown on Ethanol Leftovers

Initial studies show a fungus grown in the leftovers of ethanol production could be a good energy feed for pigs and chickens.
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Research targets cells to reduce lignin, boost fermentable sugar

Researchers at the Joint BioEnergy Institute are exploring new ways to meet the challenge of recalcitrant cellulosic feedstocks and lower the cost of biomass-based biofuels. The group recently published two papers detailing their work to genetically modify xylan and lignin, resulting in improved conversion characteristics in the model plants used in the research.
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Comparing Life-Cycle Carbon and energy Impacts for biofuel, Wood Product, and Forest Management Alternatives

The use of wood products and biofuels to substitute for fossil fuel–intensive nonwood products or fossil fuels directly reduces the oneway flow of fossil fuel carbon emissions to the atmosphere. The focus of this article is on characterizing the hierarchy of alternative uses of biomass that reduce global warming potential measured by greenhouse gas emissions and on characterizing the impact of liquid biomass fuels that can also directly reduce energy dependence.
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